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Achab, Massages et soins énergétiques

The veda-tantra massage, a mindfulness massage


What is holistic massage?

If Tantrism is full awareness of the present moment of oneself at the heart of oneself, then Veda-Tantra is a way of connecting to what is happening within oneself at that very moment. Being fully conscious of your physiological body, your mental body, your emotional body and your energetic body. Reconnecting with your breathing, thoughts and emotions. Veda-tantra massage is a mindfulness massage that invites you to come back to yourself. How do you feel in your body? What do you feel? Are you breathing freely or rapidly? What is on your mind? It is a massage in the present moment that takes you to the heart of yourself.


During a Veda-Tantra massage, I invite you to simply become an observer of your thoughts and emotions. I suggest that you become a silent witness, without judgement or acknowledgement of your mind, thoughts or ego, in order to meet the great SELF in deep and lasting peace. Allow yourself to experience calm, in this quality of presence, non-judgement, in kindness towards yourself. Like a dance between masseur and the massaged in full awareness and confidence.

Holistic massage or veda-tantra massage?

The TANTRIC method promises to solve emotional, psychological and relational problems by developing the potential of each person:

  • to deal with a bereavement, a separation (even if these events are old).

  • to find or regain the strength of decision, self-confidence.

  • to push back depression.

  • to become aware of one's polarity, i.e. one's masculine and feminine sides.

  • to accept the brightest and darkest aspects of oneself.

Tantra is therefore not an erotic massage. Tantra allows the sexual energy of a person to be stimulated and to circulate throughout the body. By becoming aware of all the parts of the body, listening to the sensations, slowing down the breathing, making the vital energy (Prana) circulate, the holistic massage is similar to an intense and deep meditation. Here, the watchword is letting go. This Neotantrically influenced massage is therefore a powerful tool to renew one's outlook and also to integrate new moments of sharing and awakening.

Achab, Massages et soins énergétiques
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🍓 Holistic Massage (Neotantra):


🍀 Holistic health discovery offer (90min)
Massage + Cure (he) + hypnosis during the massage,
at 170 € instead of 185 €

Basic holistic massage:

60 mins = €90
90 mins = €140
120 mins = €190
Cure (he) 10 € | free the 1st time

🍓 Holistic massage + hypnosis + cure (He):

60 mins = €140
90 mins = €185
120 mins = €220

-20% on the 3rd massage

Travel possible including the cost of transport and service.

* Rates may vary depending on location.

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