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Achab, Massages et soins énergétiques

Ahab: Ayurveda and neotantra at the heart of massage


Ayurveda meets neotantra

Ayurveda is an ancient, traditional medicine from India. The Sanskrit word Ayurveda means science of life. Ayurveda is a holistic discipline that seeks to harmonise the body, mind and emotions. It invites you to reconnect with your own essence to return to balance. While Ayurvedic medicine places great emphasis on nutrition and the doshas, massage is also a therapeutic tool in its own right. 

Neotantra is a practice that has its roots in the Hindu religion. It combines yoga, meditation and pure life energy with the aim of achieving a state of full consciousness, a sacred awakened sexuality that promotes the circulation of energy and the full development of the individual.


As a professional masseur, I offer naturist massage inspired by Ayurveda, the abhyanga massage. This is a massage that can be done naked, even if it is not mandatory. The most important thing is always your comfort and well-being. Nudity increases the production of endorphins and serotonin, the pleasure hormones. Naturist massage allows you to become fully aware of your body, to feel fully accepted, free from the constraints of clothing. It is an enveloping moment of relaxation that awakens the senses and provides infinite energy.


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How a massage works

Abhyanga Basic or naturist massage

The Abhyanga Basic massage is a deep energy treatment that releases tension and transforms negative energy into positive energy. To massage the body, I use a base of 2 organic vegetable oils and 21 organic essential oils that I craft myself. Ylang-ylang, immortelle, neroli, Damask rose, patchouli, cypress – the scents are intoxicating. The pre-massage helps you to relax. I work on opening your chakras and then on relaxation with breathing exercises guided by music. Then I prepare your body for the massage with circular movements, stretching and palpation. This is the time for the abhyanga, the energising hot oil massage that focuses on the chakras.

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Achab, Massages et soins énergétiques

Abhyanga naturist massage

Abhyanga naturist massage is performed naked (both for the practitioner and the person being massaged). If you bare yourself physically and emotionally, it is only fair that I do the same in the interests of mutual balance and trust. Naturism is not compulsory, however. Nudity allows you to reconnect with your body, to re-appropriate it and to face the fear of seeing yourself (or someone else) naked. Relaxation, the opening of the chakras and hot oil massage are also on the menu of this relaxing and sensory treatment. This full-body massage provides complete relaxation. The naturist massage is not sexual, but it can help clients to regain their libido, gain confidence or overcome traumas.

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Rates for Abhyanga Basic:

✨ Basic Abhyanga Massage:

🍒 Abhyanga health discovery offer (90 min)
Massage + Cure (he) + hypnosis during the massage,
at 140 € instead of 150 €

✨ Basic Abhyanga Massage:

60 mins = €60
90 mins = €90
Essential oils cure (he) = 10 € | free the 1st time

✨ Abhyanga massage + hypnosis + cure (He):

60 mins = €110
90 mins = €150
120 mins = €190

-20% on the 3rd massage

Travel possible including the cost of transport and service.

* Rates may vary depending on location.

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