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Holistic treatments in Brussels and Lyon

Soins holistiques

Soin Source Code: Occulte

Reveal what is hidden symbolically and physiologically. This treatment helps to restore the balance of the vital force and to amplify it. It leaves space to release, rectify, restore, transform and develop what is ready to be released.

Services proposés

I suggest a first meeting to lay the groundwork for your well-being and to let go of what you feel is the right thing to do.

I offer 3 types of treatment and 2 types of massage:

  • Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga)

  • Holistic massage

  • A holistic treatment combining hypnosis, body awareness (breathing, movement), cuddle therapy and Reiki.

Since 2018, with kindness and non-judgement, I have been accompanying you on the path to reconnecting with yourself in Lyon and Brussels.

Price: 60 min = €70 / 90 min = €90 / 120 min = €110

About me

I'm Achab, an energetic healer, wellness therapist and professional masseur. A few years ago, I discovered that I had a gift. On many occasions, I've helped people in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain to free themselves, to detach themselves from things that didn't belong to them or didn't belong to them any more. This sometimes materialised in me as sensations of intense heat or cold. A cat in my throat. A sharp pain somewhere in the body.

In volunteers, this manifested itself as abreactions (strong emotional release), spasms, and even states of intense 'dispossession'. I also discovered that I can work on fire (burns) from a distance and in the presence of others.

Today, I'm doing my best to help you feel confident on the road to wellness. On the road to revealing what's hidden at the heart of your being. I invite you to be a witness, without identification, without attachment, without reflection, without judgement, to what is going through you, so that you can achieve peace, fulfilment and calm, and free yourself from all forms of duality. Liberate, rectify, restore, transform and develop what is ready to be liberated, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Soins holistiques

Rates for Holistic care

60 min = 70 €

90 min = 90 €

120 min = 110 €

* Rates may vary depending on location.

Make an appointment for a holistic care session

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