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Achab, Massages et soins énergétiques

The veda-tantra massage, a mindfulness massage


What is veda-tantra massage?

If Tantrism is full awareness of the present moment of oneself at the heart of oneself, then Veda-Tantra is a way of connecting to what is happening within oneself at that very moment. Being fully conscious of your physiological body, your mental body, your emotional body and your energetic body. Reconnecting with your breathing, thoughts and emotions. Veda-tantra massage is a mindfulness massage that invites you to come back to yourself. How do you feel in your body? What do you feel? Are you breathing freely or rapidly? What is on your mind? It is a massage in the present moment that takes you to the heart of yourself.


During a Veda-Tantra massage, I invite you to simply become an observer of your thoughts and emotions. I suggest that you become a silent witness, without judgement or acknowledgement of your mind, thoughts or ego, in order to meet the great SELF in deep and lasting peace. Allow yourself to experience calm, in this quality of presence, non-judgement, in kindness towards yourself. Like a dance between masseur and the massaged in full awareness and confidence.

Erotic massage or veda-tantra massage?

An erotic or sexual massage consists of caresses and touches that aim to arouse desire. This desire is turned towards the other and disconnected from the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body. In tantra massage, the energy is primarily directed towards the self. By becoming aware of all the parts of one’s body, listening to the sensations, slowing down the breathing and circulating the vital energy (Prana), tantric massage is similar to an intense and deep meditation. Here, the keywords are "letting go". Tantric massage is not an erotic massage. There is no place for kissing or sexual intercourse.

Achab, Massages et soins énergétiques
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Vedra-Tantra 60 min : 100 € / 24 000 XPF

Vedra-Tantra 90 min : 120 € / 29 000XPF

Vedra-Tantra 120 min : 145 € / 35 000 XPF

Essential oil treatment 20 € / 3000 XPF

First session is free

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