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Experience the benefits of the ancient art of massage with Achab

Achab massage

Why get a massage?

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Touch has a powerful therapeutic effect. Relieving the aches of the body also relieves the aches of the mind. Massage can soothe physical pain, such as backache, and relieve tension in the body. By working on the body and releasing tension, I also work on the psyche. By linking the body and the mind, massage helps to free certain emotional blockages and restore harmony.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage has many virtues. It allows to :

  • reduce stress;

  • improve blood circulation;

  • limit aches;

  • improve sleep;

  • eliminate toxins;

  • reinforce a positive body image;

  • provide a feeling of well-being;

  • reconnect with repressed emotions;

  • become aware of your body;

  • boost self-esteem.

Achab massage

Book your massage today!

Ayurvedic massage

I offer Ayurvedic abhyanga and naturist massages in Brussels and in Lyon. Relaxation and reconnection. I use 2 vegetable oils and 21 essential oils.

Veda tantra massage

The veda-tantra massage allows you to let go and find a deep connection with yourself. Make an appointment today in Brussels or in Lyon!

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