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Achab, Massages et soins énergétiques

Extatic Neotantra: Holistic care & home visit

Achab, Massages et soins énergétiques

I'm writing these lines today because I have a dream and I'm going to do everything I can to make it come true, because after so many experiences of the body, of movement and non-movement, of consciousness and the unconscious, I've come to the conclusion that we all have the answers to the questions we ask ourselves, and that we just need to find the path to get there.

Full awareness, being there, breathing, body, soul, movement, stretching, consent, touch, kindness, indulgence, non-judgement, welcome, safe space, possible, solution-oriented therapy.

Why Extatic Neotantra?

Considering the fact that mirror neurons allow us to mimic what the people around us do or what they encourage us to do (friends, family, etc.), we will try to answer the following questions:

  • Who am I?

  • What thoughts, feelings or emotions flow through me as I project myself through another view, another perspective, reaching different states of consciousness?

I offer home visits where I’ll guide you through an intuitive sensory experience of 3 to 4 hours, including:

  • coaching, support & movement

  • meditative, contemplative hypnosis

  • cuddle therapy or Reiki

  • 90 or 120 min massage (+ 5000 XPF)

The objective is to allow you to discover or reconnect with the whole of your being. To access your vulnerability in complete safety. To guide you to welcome everything that comes through you during the session and thus offer you the possibility of accessing your powers of self-healing.

Achab, Massages et soins énergétiques

Dear Volunteer,

Welcome to my world. It is important that we address certain points in order to optimize this desire which is yours: to explore yourself and take care of yourself. If you have questions or topics you want to discuss, you can prepare them for our first meeting which is important and free of about an hour. This first interview that we will prepare will allow us to meet each other. To meet my practice and explore what you have not yet had the opportunity to bring into consciousness. Bring it into resonance in your body through words, in order to treat it through the different practices that I propose.



To do this, I'm looking for a venue(s) where we could receive volunteers for our practices of 10 to 20 people. Possibly more, with one or more people to act as resources during the session. We could consider offering conferences. This could be organised in Lyon, Brussels, Tahiti or on the islands.

The sessions and conferences will be broadcast (if there is consent) on an online show.

I'm looking for volunteers who want to get involved as 'dreamers', to support and develop the project as practitioners and organisers. I'm also looking for volunteers to accompany me in the supervision (emotional support) of the holistic process I'm proposing in the group above.


Rates for Extatic Neotantra

The practice is tailor-made and adaptable according to your wishes and the number of people interested. I remain available if you have any questions.

* Rates may vary depending on location.

Make an appointment for an Extatic Neotantra session

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