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The unsuspected powers of Ayurveda and abhyanga massage

Ayurveda is an ancient traditional medicine that has been combining medicine and philosophy for over 5,000 years. Achab, a professional masseur, body-mind therapist and Reiki practitioner in Brussels and French Polynesia, explains the virtues and benefits of this ancestral medicine, which originates from deep in India.

What are the principles of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is much more than medicine; it is a true art of living. Ayurveda takes into account all aspects of the human being, from the more abstract and transcendental aspects of existence to the more material and concrete aspects of the physical body. It is a way to understand one's true nature in depth.

In Sanskrit, 'Ayur' means life and 'Veda' means science or knowledge. Created by the rishis, the sages of classical India, Ayurveda can literally be translated as "Knowledge of life or longevity". This philosophy of life seeks harmony between body and mind. It promotes a healthy lifestyle adapted to the individual and his or her constitution according to the dosha to which he or she belongs (Vata, Pitta or Kapha). In Ayurvedic medicine, massages have a special place and have real therapeutic virtues.

What is abhyanga?

Abhyanga is a holistic massage that brings together the psychological, emotional, energetic and physiological dimensions in its practice. It is practised with hot oils specific to the constitution of the individual and aims to eliminate toxins of all kinds, increase prana (energy), the capacity for mobility and adaptation to external events. It is both a relaxing and stimulating massage as it works on the body's energy centres.

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic massage?

The benefits of Ayurvedic massage go beyond the physical. This act of love and care will, through touch, nourish the body, senses and soul at all ages of life. An Ayurvedic massage, beyond its relaxing virtues, offers many other benefits:

· it gives a beautiful shine to the skin;

· it tones and relaxes your muscular tissues;

· it nourishes the skin and gives the body beautiful curves;

· it increases body heat and improves blood and lymphatic circulation;

· it increases and releases the flow of oxygen to the tissues;

· it makes the spine more flexible, thus improving the transmission of nerve impulses to the organs and the whole body;

· it increases sexual vitality and strength;

· it corrects the flow of electromagnetic energy through the body;

· It improves confidence and awareness of the body;

· It helps to eliminate waste products from outside the body;

· It increases resistance to disease by improving the immune response;

· It gives the body a feeling of lightness and energy;

· It improves posture by making joints more flexible;

· it increases your concentration;

· It regenerates the body and keeps it young.

Thanks to their numerous benefits, Ayurvedic massages expel harmful accumulations and leave room for soothing, relaxation, vitality and relaxation. The result is an overall sense of well-being. Make an appointment now for a massage!

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